How To Modify Your Residence To Aid Your Arthritic Cat

It can be difficult to determine whether or not a cat is experiencing arthritis discomfort because cats rarely complain unless their food bowl is empty. Nonetheless, if your cat has been diagnosed with arthritis or appears to have difficulty moving around, the following basic home modifications can help improve their comfort and mobility.

#1: Use litter bins with low-sided sides

While covered litter boxes are excellent for containing litter granules and odors, they can be difficult for cats with arthritis to use. Replace your cat’s standard litter box with one that is low-sided, uncovered, and easier to enter and exit.

#2: Raise the food and water containers of your cat

Your cat’s elbows have experienced a great deal of wear and tear after a lifetime of leaping down. Eliminate the need for your cat to stoop to reach food and water by elevating their containers to an appropriate height.

#3: Offer ramps for furnishings

Your arthritic cat may find it difficult to climb their climbing structure, but they probably still enjoy looking out the window, so position a ramp nearby. Installing ramps to lookout towers or favored resting spots allows your cat to maintain its independence while still satisfying instinctual needs, such as climbing, hiding, and surveying its territory.

#4: Offer sturdy bedding

Although extra-soft, squishy bedding may appear to be especially cozy for your cat, they will discover that it is not only difficult to get out of, but also offers little support for aching joints. The aching body of your cat will be adequately supported by a substantial, orthopedic bed.

Place nonslip mats on surfaces that are slippery

While your cat may no longer wake up in the middle of the night and run up and down your hallway, providing traction on slippery floors can help prevent excruciating slips and falls. Yoga mats and carpet runners provide a nonslip surface for your cat.

Modifications to your home can assist your arthritic cat, but a healthy weight and pain management are also essential. Give us a call to set up an appointment for assistance with these matters.